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Tupelo Spaces

Created by

Kate Korolenko

Winter - Spring 2022

Alex Tsarevski

Spring 2022

Andrey Yesman

Spring 2022

Office in London real, just need to know where to look

Tupelo Spaces company helps young startups and established companies choose the right office space. And we help Tupelo Spaces in building a user-friendly system to simplify this process. Map service provides thousands of office options and clear filtration allows to apply particular conditions in a few clicks.

Violet corporate style with pieces of color

Our goal was to create a design that will be interesting and striking eye with a clear structure for visitors. Because people would like to use not only obvious from UX side system but moreover with interesting and beautiful style.

Interactive map — is a main tool for the office search

During work with wireframes, we understand that there should be an opportunity for users to have access to the map from different parts of the system. Moreover the users most cases should have a visible map in the background because in London location is a very important parameter and companies pay attention to it at first. Also, that is a reason why we placed information about the Underground marks on the office cards with distance and time to the closest one.

Bright stylish website can not be boring

Tupelo Spaces has enough competitors, which also helps teams to look for a place to work. We researched many of their websites to understand how these companies attract auditory. During the homepage design process, we decided to focus on map-style elements — octagons and violet color. So we took simple geometric forms as a base, supplemented the color palette with several warm colors, and built for the Tupelo Spaces new branding.

Do you use Google maps?

Personally I — yes, and I think that this service has interesting UX solutions for mobile devices. That is why in our mobile flow exist many familiar users patterns of map search behavior. For example context search for keywords, search history savings, simple navigation through office details, and access to the map in one click.

Lovely octagons and bright colors

The experiment with color and forms was very successful. We are proud of this project and would like to continue applying such interesting and bold decisions. Because the interface should be not only clear but also attractive.

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