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Kate Korolenko

Summer 2019 - current time

Anna Tarasenko

Summer 2019 - Summer 2020

Fairmint system

Fairmint provides an opportunity for other companies to receive investments and develop their business. The company's co-founders are committed to tackling global inequality by decentralizing access to investment opportunities.

Fairmint helps founders turn their capital into the most powerful tool for interacting with partners and stakeholders.

Cooperation process

It all started with the interface for the Fairmint platform, because the first breakpoint was getting investment from people interested in the Fairmint idea.

The platform consists of two parts: for investors and admins. An interface was created for both sides, and then Fairmint set about sourcing the first potential customers.

First Fairmint Clients

When Fairmint started receiving requests for an investment system from other companies, we manually prepared a design based on the created design system for the Fairmint part. But for future cases, the team understood that this should be a more efficient way. Work has begun on the admin part for clients.

Fairmint customers now can customize all styles and content using the admin panel. They can also track investment processes and adjust all documentation. Using the responsive design system we’ve created, the development team can easily set up panels for each new client in a short timeframe.

There will be a panda everywhere 🐼

Working with the interface, we realized that it would be great to have a mascot to help us communicate with our clients and guide them through verification and investment flows. We tried to find something fun and friendly. Therefore, we decided to use a panda character.

We had a great start with pandas

Fairmint now takes a new step into the future. And we leave pandas one by one in the past, because the team and the company grow and it is normal to think and look for a new concept. Our mascot has grown with us, and we will always remember it.

Become a part of Fairmint

In the process from the development of the interface to the launch of the first investment platforms, my client was looking for specialists from different countries. The Fairmint co-founders have built a strong international team.

Together we have developed an approach to cooperation. All team members take part in the process and work together at every stage. And together we bring an easy investment future closer!

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