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Kate Korolenko

Spring 2020

UI updates will not solve all system problems

RealCloud has a big database of Real Estate objects in the USA. This system helps agents to look for houses and commercial premises that are on sale. When we took work on this project, I decided to start with the research, not just UI updates. I had some doubts that the main problem in small conversion was in the old visual design. Fortunately, the system had been connected to the Google Analytics service to the RealCloud system. When I got access to it, data proved my suspicions.

The solution is deeper

The main problem belongs to the confusing navigation through system parts and small primary actions. Also, I saw that the main target visitors were real estate agents from age 40-60 years and in addition to this interesting fact - half of the visiting was from a mobile phone. This gave rise to an interesting hypothesis:

1. Users log in to the system from their phones for the fast check information about a particular house. So they need to have a mobile-friendly system with a simple flow for the fast check.

2. The desktop version was used by agents from offices. They need to have access to all opened earlier houses and availability to see all information about them.

Problem detected. Next step - visual upgrade

With all research insights, we created information architecture with a focus on the opportunity for quick information checking about the property from mobile and web devices. Once we have figured out navigation difficulties, have started the work with wireframes.

The product owner provided us a perfect opportunity to test the wireframes with several real estate agents and we collected feedback about improved navigation and discussed updates in the property information search. An interactive prototype is always a good idea 🙂

All freedom in the UI

We didn’t have any restrictions about the brand style and decided to focus on the bright and fresh colors: green and blue create a perfect combinations where two primary elements work together on the same level.

We like to work with RealEstate. And RealEstate like us 😀

In this project we went through all the project design steps: research, information architecture, wireframes, user testing and UI design with design system. And once again prove us and client that design work is not only about style and visual updates. It is about step by step cooperation and reasonable approach.

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