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Kate Korolenko

Summer 2019 - current time

A new step of cooperation is a remote collaboration tool for teams. This web platform had an old design and poor navigation, so the company asked for a styling update and minor UX improvements without changing the internal structure.

Before starting to work with the interface updates, we decided to draw up a roadmap for the system architecture. This is an important piece of work to prioritize the placement of parts correctly and to keep minor UX updates in sync with the back-end structure.

From old design relics to new stunning UX

It was decided not to change the existing interaction patterns, but to improve them to more user-friendly options. The structure of the page was retained, but the entire content of the cards had to be updated with repetitive, clear templates. The main goal was to provide users with user-friendly elements and avoid confusion.

There is a design system everywhere

During the design process, more than 230 screens were created. Keeping the entire design in one stylistic frame was quite easy thanks to one of our approaches to work - there should be a design system everywhere. Because when it's a large management tool with repetitive patterns and elements, the design system helps keep all screens consistent with each other and avoid styling errors.

Another such project? Why not?

It was a new experience to deliver such a number of updated design flows in a short period. Over the next few months, we provided a lot of support to the developers and saw how the design was implemented in real life. So, we are ready for new challenges ❤️
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