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Keystone Health and Fitness

Created by

Kate Korolenko

Summer 2019 - Winter 2021

Keystone ecosystem: all in one place

Keystone Health and Fitness provides a high-level communication tool for coaches and their athletes. The Keystone portal creates nutrition and exercise plans, monitors participants' body and wellness, measures dietary adherence levels, and provides exercise guidance.

Using the portal, trainers can: create workout templates, training plans, meal plans; manage the exercise directory; use advanced nutrition profiling tools.

All athletes have access to the Keystone Member App. The app allows them to track their Food, Workouts, Feelings and Measurements. A trainer can send instant reminders to his clients, share a progress report with them, assign nutrition/workout plans and, in general, achieve goals!

Everything started with…

Collaboration with the Keystone team began with the update of the Mobile Application. The user flow has been recreated and the visual design has been updated. After this step, we built a strong relationship with the Keystone team and together decided to work on updating the Coaching Portal.

Best coaching portal

The main goal of the design work was to update the existing portal into a user-friendly tool with which trainers can easily manage multiple clients. The portal consists of many components: workouts, meal plans, recipes, exercises, body progress, content library - so we had to pay attention to each of the interdependent levels.


We worked in stages: first of all, we created a detailed user flow for a separate part. Then we discussed it with the Keystone development team and finally created the interface. We tested each new part of the flow with trainers. It was an important part of the workflow because we got feedback from real users and time to make changes.

For the love of health and fitness

Step by step, we created a design for a large portal, within which millions of H&F metrics were collected from more than 15,000 members, 500 coaches, and 200 companies. It is a very powerful statistical tool used to automate day-to-day coaching activities.

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