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Kate Korolenko

Spring 2021

Violet CRM wanted to be nice to its users

ProCloud system was initially intended for internal use only, but the product owners have decided to bring it to market. To make this happen we decided with the client to make updates and improve the interface with a new style.

Technology system always needs to have a design system

Many pages of the ProCloud system have a quite similar content elements, but different functions and tasks. So to keep similar logic, margin, and rules for the elements and keep all the pages in one style and simplify developers' work - we always build a detailed design system.

Dark and light version - always a nice idea

Project managers — the main users of this system — work with this interface all day. That means we have to make the interface comfortable for use during day and night lightning. This was a reason why we with the product owner decided to prepare a light and dark version. Now the users can set up light mode depending on their desire.

CRM can be user-friendly and amazing

Our goal is to make every tool look comfortable and user-friendly. Why? Because in our world are lots of stressful and disappointing things, but the interface should not be one of them.

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