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Kate Korolenko

Winter 2022

The big industry needs big solutions

What do we know about commercial shipping? Before this project jumped into our hands we had known about it only general things: huge ships, complicated process, the incredible network of connections. And step by step we started to deep into this commercial ocean. The first stage was to improve and simplify the connecting process between seafarers and shipping companies for their future cooperation.

Usually, the hiring process takes quite long peace of time and is carried out with old methods. ARS founder wanted to make this stage less painful and save time for both sides: candidates and employers.

Find a job easily even through a smartphone

The process has several important stages: experience analysis, certificates review, testing, and three parts of personal interviews. Each of these steps needs time and people sources. So we decided to entrust several first stages to computers and leave for the HR team only live interviews.

From the candidate side, the system has a linear flow that started from registration, vacancy search, and profile completion. Based on the filled information: experience and uploaded certificates — the system will decide if this candidate is pretty experienced for the vacancy for which he or she applied. If everything is going well — the next step for the candidate will be online testing, which the candidate can pass even from his or her smartphone. All next stages seafarers can follow up through the ARS system and be notified about updates.

All in one place for the shipping company

The employer part consists of several access levels depending on the HR position. There are much bigger functions and consist of different admin parts: company information, vacancies list, candidates lists depends on the stage on which are now potential employees. Each candidate card has a rating based on the testing and interview results. Also, a quite big interface has a test builder: in the system, the company has an opportunity to create their unique test for a particular vacancy and position, which will help to find the best candidate.

Tell the world about it

To promote this new hiring system we work on a website. In cooperation with copywriter Laurence Blume and illustrator Viktoria Martynuk created an ocean vibe in technical sea style which is recognizable to all seafarers.

Tell the world about it

The hiring process for such responsible work is complicated, but we made everything to simplify this process. Potentially in the future new technology will allow making this process more automatized. But now this was only the first stage - the next will be testing and user feedback to which we are looking forward.

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